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Raja Ampat is without doubt a very trendy travel destination for scuba divers and any other nature lovers.  This is a short documentary style film about the area of Raja Ampat, West Papua in Indonesia. The waters of Raja Ampat are considered the richest in terms of the number of corals and reef fish you can find there. About 75 of all know coral species and more than 1400 species of reef fish can be found there. Truly a unique place on our planet, below as well as above water!  The footage has been taken while staying on Pulau Pef Island at Raja4Divers Resort (

Matthias Lebo is a Swiss underwater videographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. While traveling in Australia (2004) he fell in love with scuba diving and became an instructor (2006).  During the following 5 years, while traveling and working as a Scuba Instructor he began to develop a strong interest in underwater photography and videography.  Back to Zurich (2011), Matthias began working for a big Dive Tour Operator, which enabled him to make many valuable contacts within the diving industry worldwide. In 2014 he founded a small production company specializing in providing marketing materials (photo & video on land, underwater & aerial) for the diving industry. 
To view more of Matthias’s work visit his website, Liquid Images.  For more films visit his You Tube Channel.