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Pam Murph is a landlocked diver living just outside Knoxville, Tennessee. By day, she is a psychotherapist, and in her other life, she’s an avid scuba diver and underwater photographer.  Her family and friends say it is an addiction. After a Discover Scuba session in 1997 she came out of the water hooked, and could not become certified fast enough. During a diving trip to Cozumel in 1998, a friend handed her a camera and said “Here, have fun.” And that is when her love for underwater photography began.

She was no stranger to photography, however. As a kid, she fell in love with telling stories through photography from her dad, and she continues that love by sharing the underwater world and its stories with those around her. Photography brings together so many important elements in her life.   Pam says, “I love to learn as well as savor the journey of life. Underwater photography has a wonderful combination of both. It happens every time I pick up my camera or go traveling. To see the world through another lens…and envision the possibilities…always planning the next adventure….that is where you will find me.”

To view more of Pam’s work visit her website – Or find her on Facebook – Pam Murph Photography