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Imran Ahmad has been capturing the magnificence of life well below the water’s surface for over 19 years. A celebrated and published Nikon Professional photographer, Imran is committed to preserving and protecting the ocean’s environment. His credo: “ Always Searching and Never Destroying”, has been his guiding light as he creates and shares his exquisite photographs in the following publications: The Pure Series, Hidden Sanctuary, Edition Fifty Fathoms, Ocean Tapestry and most recently Seychelles Unexpected Treasures

Imran is also the founder of both Imran Ahmad Photography and ESCAPEINC Dive & Photography where clients can find photographic solutions for corporate, commercial, wildlife and underwater projects. Reaching beyond Singapore, Imran’s works is finding its way around the world with project in Asia and beyond. Imran graduated from Middlesex University with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Making and is a member of the Ocean Artist Society.

To view more of Imran’s work check out the following: