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In his words: “The Raja Ampat Islands are simply the best…with the highest biodiversity anywhere. It’s a world to suspend your disbelief and soak in the unparalled beauty of a resource unequaled in today’s other regions. Such an ecosystem is the stuff of dreams…both above and below the surface. I always am awed by the experience. Put a trip there on your bucket list and help preserve this magnificent oasis of the underwater universe.”

Bret Gilliam has been professionally involved in the diving industry since 1971, a career now spanning over forty five years. Since beginning diving in 1959, he has logged over 18,000 dives around the world. His background includes scientific expeditions, military/commercial projects, operating hyperbaric diving treatment facilities, liveaboard dive vessels and luxury yachts, retail dive store & Caribbean resort operation and ownership, publishing, as well as filming projects for movies, television series, and documentaries. He was inducted into the AUAS “Diving Hall of Fame” in 2012.