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Adriana Basques is a former IBM executive turned award winning professional underwater photographer. Born in Brazil,  she combined her love for the underwater world with photography in 2008.  In 2010, she took a sabbatical from IBM and moved to California. Three years later, the corporate life had lost its  appeal and she began to focus her full time effort as a Nature and Wildlife photographer.
Her engineering background associated with a unique innovative artistic flare has propelled her into becoming a highly recognized international professional. Traveling around the world, Adriana frequently returns to BHS, her coral reef paradise.

Adriana has been published  numerous times in both digital and print medias for advertising and editorial. Her art has also been featured in the Smithsonian National History Museum, and large format prints also hang on walls of private residences and offices.

Adriana also co-leads exclusive trips with her husband Clark Miller,  to remote and exotic locations around the world.

More of her work can be seen at