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Benoit Ghazal grew up in Lebanon and Australia and currently works as a translator, based in Paris, France and Japan.  As a child he loved to snorkel and breath-hold dive, and reconnected to the underwater world a few years ago when he started diving with his wife Kayo, a professional pianist. They’ve been diving all over the world but especially focus on Indonesia after falling in love with Raja Ampat. They’ve visited three times in the past two years – having made over 60 dives in the the Dampier Straits alone and are already scheduling their fourth visit…

They really hope to be able to explore more of the Bird’s Head Seascape in the near future and also to get involved in conservation projects to help protect this truly amazing place.

Benoit began focusing on video – with rather basic equipment – during their last Raja visit in February-March 2016.  He’s still sorting out the editing of his footage and will post future videos will on this YouTube channel:

Their Raja Ampat underwater pictures are viewable here: