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Raja Mono: A Study in Contrast by Ron Lagerlof

Raja Mono: A Study in Contrast

by Ron Lagerlof

Filmmaker Ron Lagerlof made the decision to film in mono for his latest Raja Ampat film, Raja Mono: A Study in Contrast. Using the RED Scarlet-W Monochrome he shot the entire trip on this camera, committing to black and white in an area lush with color. What would make one do such a thing? Ron says, “Because it’s different – and, it shows off the structure of the reefs and marine life in a way that you don’t visualize when looking at a colorful reef and blue water”.

All we can say is WOW…and thanks for sharing.

To view the film click here, Raja Mono.

Ron Lagerlof’s professional career began as a recording engineer in Chicago in the mid 1970’s, which led to working in studios in Chicago, Muscle Shoals, Dallas, Nashville, Los Angeles and San Francisco.   Working for Motown Records and Lucasfilm gave Ron the opportunity to engage in various aspects of the sound and visual realms.   Taking up scuba diving, a long held passion, he soon became proficient in underwater stills photography, making the leap to motion imaging in 2011 with a RED One and Gates underwater housing.  Ron’s footage is seen in promotional videos for Red Digital Cinema, stock agencies including Nature Footage and Mammoth HD and as an Underwater DP on Discovery Shark Week. His short films,“A Good Planet (Is Hard To Find)”,“The Epic Deep”and “The Great Hammerheads of Bimini”, have been honored in film exhibitions at MTS/IEEE “Oceans 13”and the San Diego Undersea Film Exposition (SDUFEX), and are available for viewing on Vimeo.

To view more of Ron’s films visit his Vimeo site.  Ron Lagerlof Films

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