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“Diving Adventures with Larry Smith”: The Film! by Bill Macdonald

“Diving Adventures with Larry Smith”: The Film!

by Bill Macdonald


“Larry Smith has been described as arguably the best dive guide ever! A Texan who opened a dive shop in the early 1970’s
and later migrated to Indonesia where he created “critter diving” in Lembeh Straits.”
These opening words by film creator Bill Macdonald, a life long friend of Larry’s, only provide a hint of his impact on the diving world.

Larry logged over 20,000 dives!  Really!!  He taught 1000’s to dive.  While leading all those dives, Larry touched countless lives in profoundly positive ways.  With his Henry VIII looks and native Texas “folk slang” drawl & sense of humor, he could make what you thought an average dive a great one, perhaps one of your best ever!   While working in Lembeh, he trained a group of young Indonesians who now manage resorts and dive operations throughout the Lembeh Straits and beyond.  His is a member of the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame.  For those who knew him, just mentioning his name brings a flood of memories.  He is beloved.

This film, which was released to coincide with the 10th anniversary of Larry’s passing, celebrates his amazing life while touching on his accomplishments.
We all owe a big thanks to Bill for creating this memory, thanks Bill!

If you knew Larry sit down for a wonderful drift in Larry’s slipstream.  (And you might want to grab a box of Kleenex.)  If you never met him or even heard of him, prepare to witness a unique force of nature, one that I’m sorry you missed!

Click: “Diving Adventures with Larry Smith”: The Film to view the action.  Note: As of this writing this Vimeo film is private.  Bill plans to make it public soon.  If you are asked for a Password it’s: SmithDive.   What else?

Bill Macdonald‘s name might not be familiar because in this words “I’m the world’s worst self-promoter”.  He’s been making films since the 70’s when he worked with the Cousteau Society.  From grant-funded documentaries and Discovery Channel specials to travel industry videos and reality TV shows, his work has taken him diving around the world. In 2014, he won the diving industry’s most prestigious award, the NOGI.  Bill refers you to his You Tube channel, to enjoy more of his amazing work.

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