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Raja Ampat Environment Watch is a crowd-sourcing solution to help protect Raja Ampat’s beautiful and fragile marine and terrestrial environments. The Raja Ampat archipelago and its Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are huge, and the organizations tasked with their protection don’t have the resources to ensure 100% monitoring coverage. With Raja Ampat Environment Watch it is now possible for everyone to help…so use it, share it, publicize it and link to it.

Have you witnessed events or conditions in Raja Ampat that gave you cause for concern, whether they are marine or terrestrial abuses, and wished you knew where to report it?  Raja Ampat Environment Watch will forward your (anonymised) report to the appropriate Raja Ampat government body and/or local organization for action. What about the positive; have you witnessed rare sightings of marine life or reef & fisheries recovery?  The Raja Ampat Environment Watch is for reporting good stuff too!