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How it Works

Funding Model

Securing the long-term benefits and financial sustainability of the Bird’s Head Seascape will be achieved through diversified revenue sources including government allocations, visitor fees, local financing mechanisms, and local fundraising. Over 70% of costs are already secured through local sources, with the largest contributor being the government itself.
While these local funding commitments are remarkable, a gap does remain. Together, the Bird’s Head Seascape coalition and the West Papuan regional government established the Blue Abadi Fund to fill the remaining gap. The Fund will incentivize local revenue sources and provide complementary grants to communities and local agencies so they can sustainably manage their marine resources into the future.
Once fully capitalized, the Blue Abadi Fund is expected to disburse approximately $1.4 million to local Seascape partners annually.

Fund Governance

Designed by Conservation International's Global Conservation Fund (GCF) in partnership with Starling Resources, The Nature Conservancy and WWF Indonesia, the Blue Abadi Fund follows all established best practices and standards for conservation trust funds as laid out by the Conservation Finance Alliance. A Papuan Advisory Council with high-ranking Papuan leaders advised on the fund development to ensure the fund structure was locally appropriate and has necessary support and buy-in from Papuan government and communities.
The Blue Abadi Fund will be governed by a multi-stakeholder Blue Abadi Governance Committee in Indonesia with 9-10 volunteer members, with representation from the local and national government, indigenous Papuan communities, conservation organizations, donors and the private sector. Special consideration will be given to ensure adequate inclusion of members appointed by indigenous peoples and members of all genders.
The Indonesian Biodiversity Foundation or Yayasan Keanekaragaman Hayati Indonesia (KEHATI) has been selected as the initial fund administrator for the Blue Abadi Fund. KEHATI will be responsible for administering grants to the approved local partners in the Seascape, monitoring and evaluating grantee progress and compliance, and reporting annually to Blue Abadi Fund donors.