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Papua Explorers opens the Raja Ampat Dive Guide School

We are proud and excited to announce the awesome news that one of Raja Ampat’s most acclaimed resorts, Papua Explorers, recently opened a dive school for Raja Ampat natives.  We have long felt that a dive school for the Raja Ampat locals is essential.  This school will change the lives of generations of natives.  Not only will they learn to dive but they will have a chance to become Dive Guides, while also learning English. Additionally the comprehensive class curriculum includes hospitality, conservation and sustainable guiding training.  The school will allow the students to earn a living, even create a career, while protecting their incomparable resource; the sea and reefs around them!

Students in dive school classroom

Students learning to setting up their dive equipment

Students practicing underwater skills

Papua Explorers is more than an award-winning resort.  It is the home-base for the award winning liveaboard, Coralia. The resort is also home to an award-winning conservation initiative/NGO, the Raja Ampat SEA Centre, dedicated to conserving Raja Ampat’s marine life through Science, Education & Awareness (SEA).

(There seems to be an award-winning theme here!)

Papua Explorers are definitely the good guys, constantly working at making a difference for tourists, natives and the environment.  That is a win-win-win! Check them out and offer your support.

And just so you will know:

Papua Explorers Dive Resort

Winner of the DIVE Travel Award 2019& 2021, category “Best Resort”


Coralia Liveaboard

Winner of the DIVE Travel Award 2019& 2021, category “Best Liveaboard”


Raja Ampat SEA Centre Foundation

Winner of the ADTO Sustainability Award 2019


The following is their most recent newsletter, which they have kindly allowed us to share and to which you can subscribe.

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SEA Centre’s Eco-Divemaster Course is starting in June !

This year Papua Explorers is hosting a 5-week Eco-Divemaster course between 16th June and 21st July. Candidates will receive all PADI Divemaster training combined with a bespoke program introducing them into the world of conservation through a series of workshops on sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, coral biology and more, as well as practical scientific field experience in surveying and species monitoring.

Candidates will stay in our beautiful over-water bungalows and learn to become dive professionals in the most marine biodiverse place on the planet!

Download Eco-DM Information

Raja Ampat Dive Guide School Started !

We are thrilled to announce that the Raja Ampat Dive Guide School started this February! We have five fantastic trainees from the local village Yenwaoupnor, who have spent the first few weeks getting stuck into E-Learning for the Open Water Course. Our scuba instructors are taking the trainees all the way from Open Water to at least Rescue and hopefully Divemaster, while our Marine Conservation Officer Citra teaches them English.

The trainees are all very enthusiastic about the school so far and have already completed all their E-learning andConfined Water sessions. They cannot wait to start Open Water dives – they were born to be in the water!

We hope that this school gives them the training and confidence to fulfil their dreams to become dive guides! Thank you to all our guests for helping us support this life-changing programme.

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SEA Centre 4 Kids makes learning fun

Every Sunday afternoon a group of smiling, excited children from Yenwaoupnor village arrive make the short walk along the beach to our SEA Centre at Papua Explorers Resort, eager to find out what the topic of the day will be. Each week they learn about a different marine conservation topic, sometimes including a practical element. These range from learning about plastic pollution to sessions on a specific marine organism,e.g. octopuses, turtles or different species of reef fish, to snorkelling onthe Papua Explorers house reef, to beach clean ups around Raja Ampat.

These classes are invaluable, providing these children with not only knowledge about the marine environment, but also knowledge about sustainability and how to preserve and take care of this beautiful part of Indonesia for many generations to come.

Learn how you can support SEA Centre 4 Kids


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