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A Raja Ampat Image Collection by Suzan Meldonian

Suzan Meldonian is an award winning underwater photojournalist and ocean advocate using her photo documentary work to introduce the ocean realm to the public eye.  Through her amazing images, Suzan brings the personalities and traits of many marine critters to light. “As we learn more, we evolve”, says Suzan. Her philosophy is that as underwater photographers, it becomes our inherent duty to share with the world what goes on, beneath the horizon.

Wonderpus photogenicus octopus

Suzan travels the world capturing images.  She has visited, and will continue to visit the Bird’s Head Seascape, numerous times.  Showing great range of image making, Suzan graciously shares work from her Raja trips with us.  Thanks Suzan!

Tasselled Wobbegong Shark

Reef Manta

In the Blue Water Mangroves

Ardeadoris egretta Rudman Nudibranch

Schooling Rabbitfish

Suzan’s work, however, doesn’t just involve image capture and sharing.  She is a seriously hard working ocean crusader.  Suzan is launching a terrific website for the diving community, Discover the Oceans, which bridges the gap between divers, science and education with a phenomenal way to search for exactly what you are looking for when it comes to the ocean,

Suzan lives in Florida and has published two books, “Under the Bridge” and the “BHB Companion,” which have raised worldwide awareness and has now made the Blue Heron Bridge one of the top 60 dive sites in the world.  (The BHB Companion,, is available for purchase, with loads of stock images for acquisition)

Since 2016, Suzan has been the President of the South Florida Underwater Photography Society,

Her recent explorations include Black Water Diving, photographing planktonic aliens from the deep, that rise to the surface each night in what is referred to as a Vertical Migration. It is the largest migration on Earth and it occurs every night all over the world! While not new to science, it is ground breaking territory for photographers. The creatures are spectacular and the possibilities to document new species and behavior in-situ, is endless.


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