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Scientific Research

Rare birds, mammals, insects and plants

The world’s most diverse marine life

The Bird's Head Seascape, a rich repository of the world’s most diverse marine life, rare birds, mammals, insects and plants, comprises 183,000 square kilometers, encompassing over 100 villages in West Papua, Indonesia.
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Thinking about coming to the Bird's Head Seascape? Already have a trip planned? Check out these resources:

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Explore regional maps, MPA maps and detailed dive site maps of all known sites in Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and Cenderawasih Bay.

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Explore PDFs and information about current and past research topics. Study scientific data gathered throughout the region.

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Snorkeling with CNN by Tammy Kwan for CNN

Raja Ampat (West Papua, Indonesia) by Tammy Kwan Originally posted by CNN in an article titled “11 of the world’s best snorkeling destinations”.  Of course Raja makes the top of...
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BRUVs Shark Research in Raja Ampat ~ by Angela Beer

BRUVs SHARK RESEARCH in RAJA AMPAT by Angela Beer Conservation International (CI)’s Mark Erdmann previously blogged about the Bird’s Head Seascape surpassing the milestone of 1750 reef fish...
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Courtney Mattison: Ocean Artist

Courtney Mattison: Ocean Artist   Courtney Mattison is an artist and ocean advocate working to inspire policy makers and the public to conserve our changing seas. She primarily hand-sculpts...
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Nimbert Kabes – Between Two Worlds by Susan Hutchings

Nimbert Kabes – Between Two Worlds by Susan Huthings In the mid 1980’s, shortly before the birth of their second son, Elsina Saleo and Johan Kabes took a trip from their village of...
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Nobar Film Alam Berbicara : Satu Orang Satu Aksi by Wida Sulistyaningrum

Nobar Film Alam Berbicara : Satu Orang Satu Aksi By Wida Sulistyaningrum Kaum Muda Keuskupan Manokwari Sorong yang semula heboh mengikuti materi pendidikan lingkungan hidup yang dibawakan lewat...
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