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Experience The Bird's Head Seascape

Scientific Research

Rare birds, mammals, insects and plants

The world’s most diverse marine life

The Bird's Head Seascape, a rich repository of the world’s most diverse marine life, rare birds, mammals, insects and plants, comprises 183,000 square kilometers, encompassing over 100 villages in West Papua, Indonesia.
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Thinking about coming to the Bird's Head Seascape? Already have a trip planned? Check out these resources:

Info for Visitors
Explore regional maps, MPA maps and detailed dive site maps of all known sites in Raja Ampat, Triton Bay and Cenderawasih Bay.

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Explore PDFs and information about current and past research topics. Study scientific data gathered throughout the region.

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“Raja Highlights 2010-2016” A Video by Linda Johnston

“Raja Highlights 2010-2016” Video by Linda Johnston More than 1500 islands make up the Raja Ampat archipelago off the Bird’s Head of West Papua. These islands and their surrounding...
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Whale Shark Tracker

Whale Shark Tracker It’s Conservation International’s pleasure to announce the launch of a webpage that tracks in real-time whale sharks that were tagged in the Bird’s Head...
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“Juvenile Fish” by Colin Marshall

“Juvenile Fish” by Colin Marshall Article originally appeared in Underwater Photography Magazine Issue # 77 (March/April 2014).  Reprinted here with their kind permission. Colin...
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Raja Ampat MPA (Marine Protected Area) Website Launches

Raja Ampat MPA (Marine Protected Area) Website Launches Since its inauguration in 2015, the Raja Ampat Marine Protected Area (MPA) Network Management Authority (UPTD) has been committed to...
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Peluncuran Website BLUD UPTD KKP Raja Ampat

Peluncuran Website BLUD UPTD KKP Raja Ampat Sejak awal diresmikan pada tahun 2015, BLUD UPTD Kawasan Konservasi Perairan (KKP) Raja Ampat, sebagai badan pengelola kawasan konservasi perairan Raja...
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